Natural Born Angel: An Immortal City Novel

Natural Born Angel - Scott Speer Can't bring myself to finish this. The plot barely has me interested, and usually I give plots 100 pages before I give up on them, but it was the writing that did this book in for me.Too many paragraphs and dialogues that left me glaring at my book and telling it (yes, out loud) that I don't care if Maddy puts her right foot on the floor first, followed by her left as she is getting out of bed. And I don't care that her uncle is doing fine, especially if that is the entire conversation.And I don't care that some tertiary 'witness to a crime' character's job treats them well and that they were staying up late working on a project and that's why they were able to see the suspects' shadowy figures. I only care that a suspect saw them so the cops are aware of a crime committed that the reader's saw.And I don't care that when the break-in happened, that one man who peeked out his front door is an insomniac. I wasn't questioning why he was up late at night. I'd have assumed the alarm going off woke him and he was curious enough to open his front door. I don't care that he is an insomniac and that's why he was awake enough to look out his front door, because I don't care about this character who we are never going to see again and is just background description.I don't care about this book.Note: The version of this book I read was the netgalley e-arc, so I would hope these unimportant tidbits I ranted about were edited out before the final printing, but somehow I doubt that, considering how many there were.