Ironskin - Though the beginning was slow, the story still managed to hold my interest. All was going well until the end, which felt rushed. I just feel it could have been better executed. Some things that were happening towards the end made little sense to me, and then too much was happening in so few pages. The whole climax and catharsis took up twenty pages altogether whole the other 200+ pages was leading up to it and it just did not end up flowing well. Also I'm not sure if I believe the relationship between the two main characters. I don't see what they see in each other at all, (it wasn't clear in the narrative at all and seemed to happen all of a sudden) and considering the book is written in one of their perspectives, that makes no sense.Still an interesting and somewhat creepy read with an overall satisfying ending (that was just not executed or as detailed as I'd have liked). It was the kind of ending that does not even need a sequel to it, though it was left open for one, but I won't go into that in order to avoid spoilers.3/5 - interesting plot, just not styled and executed as well as it could have been.