Immortal City

Immortal City - Scott Speer This book is more of a 3.5 than a solid 3 or a solid 4. While there were some moments in the book where I just didn't believe what was going on (as in it felt forced, and not real), the plot was rather enjoyable and I never once found myself bored. This is the first of a series, I believe, and after that ending, I am intrigued as to see where this book will go. Of course, where it ended left off at a point where a continuation is not entirely necessary. I felt, at some points, like there was something /missing/, but as to what exactly I was not sure. There was a nice little OH MY GOD moment near the end, which I thought was well-done. And the cutesy bits were cutesy. Although, I admit I was not completely sold on the love story -- I think that's where I felt something was missing. Perhaps more interaction between Jacks and Maddy would have made them more believable. I'm good with them now. It just took some more convincing. I have formed a ship of my own, though, that I won't give away, but I expect we will see more of if the next book does come out. I'm not yet sure if anything has been confirmed. But I have questions about some characters and happenings, so there is definite potential for at least one sequel.I also had a bit of an issue with Gwen, Maddy's best friend. She just felt 'there'. Like the author didn't want Maddy to be friendless, so they threw in Gwen. Their friendship wasn't as believable as I would have liked. But hey--maybe that's just me. there was bit much development between Maddy and Gwen's friendship. And there were events that allowed so much room for development. I mean, there was development, I guess. But we didn't really see any of it. Gwen was all 'you lied to me; I'm mad at you' and the she was there for several chapters, and when they needed her to advance the plot, she was all 'you're the strongest person I know Maddy. I believe in you.' and I was just like... Why? When did you, Gwen, ever see her being strong enough to handle that? You weren't there. It just came out of no where. *shrug* it's just how I felt. Read my full review here: